FinalSelect Release Notes – 2019.01.00

Here’s a list of new features and improvements in our latest release! 

Product Import

  • NEW: You can now auto-create samples from imported products, and set their return location
  • NEW: You can now add all new unmapped values by clicking “Add All”
  • NEW: You can now import multiple custom IDs in one row 
  • FIX: multiple custom IDs will no longer result in multiple new products being created  

Sample Management

  • NEW: You can now scan or enter a style-level ID and pick which color you want to work with (receive samples, shipments, shot lists).
    • If only one colorway exists, it will be automatically selected.
  • NEW: You can now directly edit the current location of a sample, and it will be re-routed automatically (as well as any necessary photo state changes)
  • FIX: samples will no longer be stuck in “hold for photo” in some edge cases
  • FIX: the barcode scan handler on the shot list page is restored


  • NEW: product facets: No tasks created, Tasks incomplete, Tasks complete


  • NEW: Significant enhancements to automatic asset delivery– it can now be run at any point in the workflow, enabling integration with your image post-production partners
  • NEW: new Product Task Templates will by default use colorway-level tasks, and use samples by default


  • NEW: Significant enhancements to image processing performance and reliability
  • FIX: You now are prevented from creating a custom field with the same name as a built-in field, which previously caused some ambiguity
  • General Performance Improvements
  • Search Indexing Performance
  • Bulk Workflow Performance