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Conquer your production workflow

Your ecommerce photo studios–powered by FinalSelect

More than a workflow tool

Connected product data

Integrate with your enterprise PIM or ERP to automatically feed product data into the workflow. Product metadata is automatically applied to each shot.


Sample Tracking

Print and scan barcode labels to receive samples from the warehouse or your vendors, route them to the studios to be photographed, and return them to their final destination.


Build your Shot List

Starting from your product data, generate shot records based on your visual standards, track samples, and assign shots to studios and sets.


Real-Time Project Status

Always know where you stand with customizable real-time dashboards. All statuses can be automatically updated when a new file is uploaded.

More than a DAM


No manual metadata

Every shot automatically inherits all product metadata, even before the image is shot. Capture campaign and project metadata at inception, and it's automatically applied to all the images.


Automated Delivery

No more renaming files or babysitting FTP transfers! When images are finalized, we can automatically deliver them to your eCommerce platform, PIM, DAM, or CDN, in whatever format, resolution, colorspace, or naming convention required.

Shots Become Assets

Never type a filename again, with Capture One integration. Bulk ingest assets and they automatically flow to each shot and product. Track revisions, and manage the post-production workflow.


Enterprise Integration

API-based integration with your internal and partner systems: PIM, PLM, DAM, eCommerce, retouching vendors--anything with an API. 


Coming Soon!

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